The 3 wish-list gifts that I have for Santa this holiday season

13/04/2014 01:39

Hmmm... Christmas is will soon be here... 

I can smell the festive mood will shortly be here. Times are difficult but it should not stop us from giving presents to the family members right? 

I see myself lucky since I am still able to afford few presents, although my budget has somewhat shrink over the years. 

That was the easy part. Now, the hard part is, when you have to choose something special to your loved ones, what shall it be? 

Listed below are three items that I thought shall be great this year. 

1. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 

2. Smoothie blender (a Vitamix would be excellent) 

3. Espresso machine with built-in grinder (a Cuisinart would be excellent)


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